There are many legal aspects to running a limited company – dealing with your statutory obligations, taking on staff, dealing with contracts, clients and customers, and a maze of legislation which covers every aspect of small business life.

  • Your First Employee – steps you must make when you hire staff.
  • Dismissals – the steps you must take if you want to let an employee go.
  • Interviews – questions you need to ask any prospective members of staff.
  • Bribery Act – ensure you and any employees abide by new legislation.
  • Trademarks – what they are, and how they can protect your IP.
  • GDPR – legislation which protects individuals’ data – important reading.
  • Types of Hire – how you can hire staff, from employment to contracts.
  • Jury Service – what to do if you or an employee are called up.
  • Patents – how a patent can protect your inventions.