invention protect

How to sell your idea – and how not to

You may be surprised to learn that 4,999 out of every 5,000 patented inventions don’t sell, and the reasons are similar; inventors simply love to tinker (it’s what we do) and put off the important stuff like figuring out how to sell it.

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use twitter market your business

How to use Twitter to market your business

If you’re not using Twitter to market your business, you’re almost certainly missing a trick or two. And even if you have been using Twitter for a while, perhaps it’s time to revitalise your efforts.

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small business website

10 ways to make your website perform better in 2018

Digital marketing never stays static. As a business owner what do you need to know to stay ahead of your competition? Let’s start with 10 ways to make your website perform better and then look a few innovations you’ll need to consider in 2018.

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what is pay per click

What is PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising?

Described as win-win advertising for both businesses and their clients, PPC lets you drive traffic to your website in a targeted way while customers see ads that correlate with their interests or needs.

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