How to publicise your business (ideally for a minimal financial outlay), and market your products and services to prospective clients and customers.

  • Unique Selling Points – what is a USP, and why does every business need one?
  • Press Release – how to write and distribute the perfect press release.
  • PR Tips – why PR is essential for every small company, including DIY PR ideas.
  • Social Media – how to harness the incredible power of social media.
  • Presentations – impress clients and customers with these handy tips.
  • Digital Marketing – guide to all the main platforms available to businesses.
  • Google Adwords – the leading PPC platform. How to maximise your returns.
  • LinkedIn – essential marketing / networking platform for professionals.
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How to sell your idea – and how not to

You may be surprised to learn that 4,999 out of every 5,000 patented inventions don’t sell, and the reasons are similar; inventors simply love to tinker (it’s what we do) and put off the important stuff like figuring out how to sell it.

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