Where do you have to display your company name?

There’s a lot to think about when you set up a limited company to fully comply with rules under the Companies Act 2006, one such obligation is how and where you should display your company name.

Displaying the company’s registered name

You must display the registered name of your company at your registered address as well as any so-named inspection place – the location where your statutory documents are kept and are available for inspection. The registered name must also be displayed at any locations where the company carries on business.

Some exceptions to this are as follows:

  • You don’t have to display the company’s registered name at your home or any location which is mainly used as your living accommodation.
  • If you registered your company at your residential address, then you have to display the company’s registered name at that address.
  • If an administrator, receiver or liquidator has been appointed, you are no longer required to display the registered name of the company.
  • If the residential addresses of the company directors are covered by a confidentiality order, you must still display the company name at the registered office and any other inspection place (see above).

Make sure your name is clearly visible

People are often surprised to learn that the regulations don’t require you to display the company name on the outside of the building or on any other specified place on the property. However, you are required to make sure the sign is positioned where it can be easily seen by any visitor to your premises and that the sign can be read by the naked eye.

You must also display the name continuously unless you share the premises with six or more registered companies. If that’s the case, then the registered name of each company must be kept on a register and be available for inspection as requested. Alternatively, each company should display its registered name once every three minutes for at least 15 seconds.


It’s important that you also display the registered name of your company on the following:

  • All your business letters, company publications and any notices you issue
  • Order forms and orders placed for services, goods and money that are signed by the company
  • Company cheques
  • Promissory notes, bills of exchange and endorsements
  • Invoices and demands for payments
  • Receipts
  • Letters of credit
  • Any other form of business correspondence.

Company website and emails

You are required to display the registered name on all of your company websites. The registered name doesn’t have to be displayed on every page but should appear where it can be easily seen. If you send out an email with an order or business letter attached, then you should include the registered address with all the relevant details (see below). For a straightforward reply or communication, including your company name is sufficient.

Company information

As a private limited company, you should display the following information on all company stationery, order forms and websites.

  • Where your company is registered in the UK (England & Wales, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland)
  • The company’s registered number
  • The address of the registered company
  • State the company is limited if you have been exempted from having to include the term with the company name
  • If you choose to state an individual director’s name on stationery or other business correspondence, you must include the names of any other directors as well.
  • If your company is a community interest company or an investment company, you should include this information.
  • If your company is registered for VAT, the VAT registration number must be included on all relevant receipts and invoices.

For more information, read this guide on the GOV.UK site.

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