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fixed assets capital allowance

Capital Allowances and your limited company

When running a company, you may be most concerned with turning a profit or developing your capital, depending on the nature of your business and your priorities. Naturally, there will be taxes to pay and these will be based on both the income and capital elements of your business. How much tax you will pay

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PAYE payroll company
Tax & Accounting

How does a limited company’s payroll work?

When you set up your own limited company, one of the most important things to consider if you also have employees is to set up your company’s payroll – to pay salaries, and account for income tax and NIC liabilities.

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set up partnership
Limited Company Guides

How to you set up a business ‘partnership’?

You may decide to set up a business with one or more other self-employed individuals. Here, we look at how you can form a partnership, how your new joint venture will be taxed, and how to protect the partners in case things go wrong.

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