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Users for Facebook in the UK are expected to grow from 36 million to over 42 million by 2022, according to recent studies. The penetration rate is predicted to be just under 70% over the same period. What’s more significant than the numbers, however, is that users already spend an average of 2 and ¼ hours a day on social media. Given all that, it’s clear to see the potential to promote your brand on Facebook is massive and is set to grow. The question is, how to do it effectively?

Business or personal?

When you first sign up with Facebook, you create a personal profile and while you can use it to promote your business, Facebook is pretty strict – and getting stricter – on this, so be sure to read their terms of service. By creating a Facebook business page, you’re creating a presence that’s all about your brand and the goods or services you offer. Of course, you can still use your personal page to drive traffic to your business page, just be creative about how you do it!

You already have the tools

As a user, Facebook provides you with tools to help you promote your brand. Naturally, they want you to do it their way, but their way is effective and can yield great results. Familiarise yourself with the various options – there’s plenty of guidance and advice available – so you can maximise the potential of your business page. Click here for resources and to learn how to set up your free business page or convert your Facebook profile into a business page.

Get the basics right

Create a good first impression by using a quality head and shoulders photograph of yourself or image of your café, shop or product range. If you add a logo, avoid using a cropped version of the original which can look cheap and unprofessional. Make the most of the About section to tell people about what your business does and how it can benefit them. Take some time to get the wording right and edit this section to revitalise it, or if something about the business has changed.

Use keywords

You want potential customers to find you so use the kind of words they’re likely to use when searching for the type of goods or services you offer. If it’s relevant to your business, include your town or regional name with keyword phrases, such as ‘surveyor in Leeds’, ‘tattoo artist in Edinburgh’.

Call to action

Make it easy for people to do something such as place an order, visit your website, book a consultancy or call your shop, by creating a call-to-action button at the top of your business page. This feature is in a prominent spot, so make sure you use it!

Post before you promote

Clearly, you want to let people know you are on Facebook through emails, Twitter, business cards, marketing material etc., but before posting a link to your page be sure your business page is active and there’s plenty of content for them to engage with. As well as updates about your brand, include news of any special offers you’re running, links to your blog or information about a community event in the local area.

Show your human side

Don’t just post about what you have to sell. Being overly promotional is a turn-off but if you show your human side people will find it easier to connect with you. A touch of humour is fine just keep it tasteful. Align posts with the values you espouse for your brand. And if you’ve added other people in the office as editors, make sure they understand your policy on posting before cutting them loose!

Give people what they want

According to Facebook, some 75% of all content posted by brands are images and they attract the most likes, comments and shares. Some businesses are easier to represent visually than others but try and include good quality images or video with posts whenever possible.

Special offers and discounts

Everyone loves a bargain so be sure to tell people about any special offers you have running, or any great deals you know are available in the neighbourhood. Sharing this kind of information is a great way to boost your credibility with clients.

Messaging and posting on the move

Enabling Facebook Messenger on your page means you can easily connect one-to-one with customers to deal with questions and give feedback. Use the Facebook Pages Manager app and provide your audience with photos and updates from wherever you are.

Extend your reach

Two paid-for options worth considering are Facebook Ads and boosted posts. Ads can be positioned according to demographics, location, interests, behaviour and other metrics. With a boosted post, you can select your audience and extend your reach beyond the people who like your page.

How are you doing?

Facebook makes it easy to see how you’re doing – and tweak your marketing strategy – so use Page Insights to check what posts are popular, who your customers are and how they are connecting with you.

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