Limited Company Corporation Tax Calculator (23-24)

Use our limited company profits calculator to work out how much Corporation Tax to pay after allowing for deductions such as business expenses and salaries.

Please scroll down for some explanatory notes.

Limited company profits (Corporation Tax) calculator for 2023-24

Explanatory notes

  • The rate of Corporation Tax on company profits for 2023/4 rose significantly.
  • Make sure you read our guide to the April 2023 Corporation Tax hike. This will result in a significant tax increase for many limited companies.
  • To keep the calculations as simple as possible, we have excluded the Employment Allowance from the spreadsheet. Most small limited companies are ineligible to claim the EA. You must also incur Employers’ NI on salaries in order to claim the EA; most owner-directors tend to draw down minimal salaries.
  • To find out the most tax-efficient salary to pay company directors this tax year, read this salary guide.
  • The income tax rates used apply to England and Wales (not Scotland).
  • Although the calculator has been rigorously tested, please ask your accountant if you have any questions specific to your own business.

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