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fixed assets capital allowance
Limited Company Expenses

Capital Allowances and your limited company

When running a company, you may be most concerned with turning a profit or developing your capital, depending on the nature of your business and your priorities. Naturally, there will be taxes to pay and these will be based on both the income and capital elements of your business. How much tax you will pay

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company car expenses
Limited Company Expenses

Company Car Tax – how does it work?

You may have considered purchasing a car via your own limited company. However, before you go ahead, you should consider the tax implications of using a company car for your own personal use, compared to the option of simply claiming back mileage costs of using your own car whilst on business.

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patent box
Limited Company Tax

What is the Patent Box tax incentive?

In a nutshell, the patent box regime is a corporation tax relief which provides a reduction in the rate of tax (10%) on any income that is earned through the commercial exploitation of a patent. Unfortunately, it is closed to new entrants.

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