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number of companies in the UK
Business Guides

How many limited companies are there in the UK?

After sole trader status, the limited company is the most popular business structure in the UK. Here we look at how many there are on the official register, and how the number of incorporated businesses have grown massively over the past decade.

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dividend allowance 2018
Tax & Accounting

What is the dividend allowance?

In April 2016, a new ‘dividend allowance’ was created – a nil-rate tax band on the first £5,000 of dividend income. This allowance threshold was short-lived, however, and was cut to £2,000 from April 2018.

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business valuation company
Business Guides

How to value a business – common methods

If you want to sell your company at some time in the future, how do you know what it is worth? Even if you don’t use ‘traditional valuation methods’ when conducting a sale, it is vital to be able to demonstrate to a would-be buyer that you have an accurate and robust knowledge of all

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