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shareholders pre emptive
Limited Company Guides

Limited companies – what are pre-emptive rights?

Pre-emptive rights, also known as rights of pre-emption, means that the current shareholders in a company should always have first refusal on any new shares being issued, whether this arises through the transfer, allotment, or transmission of shares.

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number of companies in the UK
Limited Company Guides

How many limited companies are there in the UK?

After sole trader status, the limited company is the most popular business structure in the UK. Here we look at how many there are on the official register, and how the number of incorporated businesses have grown massively over the past decade.

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critical illness insurance company director

Critical Illness Insurance – what does it cover?

Running your own small business can be very rewarding but it can also be pretty stressful. One aspect that contractors often worry about is being diagnosed with a serious illness and having to be off work for a lengthy spell. The financial consequences of this can be potentially disastrous, adding to fears for the future,

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