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critical illness insurance company director

Critical Illness Insurance – what does it cover?

Running your own small business can be very rewarding but it can also be pretty stressful. One aspect that contractors often worry about is being diagnosed with a serious illness and having to be off work for a lengthy spell. The financial consequences of this can be potentially disastrous, adding to fears for the future,

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business plan company mistakes
Business Guides

10 business plan mistakes to avoid

There is no single right way to produce a great business plan but there are a few definite things to avoid at all costs. Steer clear of the following ten common mistakes and you’ll increase your chances of convincing potential investors that you really do mean business. 1. It’s not all about you Your personal

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Write a business plan
Business Guides

How to write a business plan for your limited company

A good business plan sets out what you want to achieve and how you intend to make it happen in clear and simple terms. It doesn’t have to be a hefty document and definitely shouldn’t be long-winded, especially if you’re trying to persuade your bank to fund your enterprise, attract new investors, or motivate staff.

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expenses membership professional

The tax treatment of professional subscriptions

Whether you work as a freelance contractor, director of a limited company or business owner, joining a trade association can help to keep you up to date with what’s going in your industry and be a useful forum for discussing new legislation, finding contacts, or sourcing work. Typically, you’ll have to pay an annual subscription

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statutory registers company
Limited Company Guides

What are a company’s statutory registers?

All companies must keep up-to-date statutory registers and ensure they are available for inspection on request. Statutory registers include important information about the company such as the names of members and how many shares each one holds.

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company hardware software expenses

Tax treatment of company hardware and software expenses

Computer hardware and software are two essential expenses for any modern business and costs can run into the thousands, but what can you legitimately claim for on your annual tax return? This type of business expense can often be a tricky area for contractors and freelancers, especially if you are installing new software or using

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