How to use Twitter to market your business

use twitter market your business

Twitter may have made its name as a platform for breaking news – ‘fake’ or otherwise – and sharing celebrity gossip, but its potential as a marketing tool was quickly recognised. In fact, if you’re not using Twitter to market your business, you’re almost certainly missing a trick or two. And even if you have been using Twitter for a while, perhaps it’s time to revitalise your efforts.

Time to update your profile image?

Your profile pic appears with every tweet you send so make sure it’s the kind of image you want people to associate with your business. If you use a logo, don’t use a cropped version of the original as this can look unprofessional and cheap. Your logo should fit into the square size and any accompanying words should be readable.

Perhaps it’s time to switch to a headshot instead as people connect better with faces than logos. If you already use a headshot, hopefully it’s not a holiday snap of you on the beach! A good shot of your face with you looking friendly and approachable is best!

Your bio is your business

The best profile bio can pack a lot into just a few words. It should tell people what you do, how you can help them, and shows some of your personality as well. Be clear about what you offer and how they may benefit by connecting with you – and don’t be afraid to use humour to say something about yourself. Just be brief!

Keep tweeting!

Tweeting regularly is the only way to maintain a good profile. It can be hard for small businesses to dedicate the time for this but only tweeting once a week or less risks people forgetting about you. Aim to tweet at least once a day. Research shows that Twitter activity is greatest between 10am and 4pm, with peak time around 3pm (although location is a key influence), so maybe put your sandwich aside and post something instead!

Just remember to tweet something useful or interesting or share by re-tweeting some relevant or amusing content. And while there’s a certainly informality to Twitter, you should still use proper grammar and spelling – writing well always impresses!

Add images and videos to your tweets

Studies show that people are more likely to look at your content if you include images, so make an effort to add more images to your posts. If you’re a florist, for instance, take a pic or short video of those freshly watered roses and use the Twitter app to tweet and upload it to remind everyone that tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day.

Be credible and build a following

Ultimately, you use Twitter to market your goods or services, but you can’t simply post marketing messages about your products and expect to build a big following. And while the number of followers and retweets you have matters, it’s more important to engage with your community and be seen as a trusted source of information. First and foremost, see Twitter as a conversation and not just a platform for advertising. The trick is to try and find the sweet spot between pushing your brand while connecting with your target audience in a meaningful way.

How do your customers use Twitter?

Use Twitter Search to pick up on what your customers are talking about, whether it’s your brand or industry in general. Don’t feel you have to jump in every time but listen to what your target audience is saying and wait until you’ve got something to say that adds value to the conversation and is authentic. Establish yourself as someone believable and this will rub off on your brand.

Organise your lists

Depending on the number of people you’re following, it can be a challenge to keep up with everything that’s going on. Organising a Twitter list means you can focus on specific groups and see individual tweets as a separate timeline. This makes it easier to distinguish the tweets that matter to you. Organise lists in a way that helps, for instance, by customers, potential customers, trade or professional associations, community businesses, your competitors, and thought-leaders.

Tweet special offers

Offering people special deals or discounts is a great way to market your products. If you run a trendy coffee shop, for instance, you could tweet: ‘The first 20 customers through the doors tomorrow get to try a free Chemex’. Or keep it simple with something like ‘The next 30 people who re-tweet me get a 25% discount voucher’. If you haven’t tried tweeting offers before, you may be surprised by how well it works!

Measure your performance

It’s never been easier to tell how your Twitter marketing is working as there are plenty of third-party analytics tools to collect the data that counts. Twitter itself can help you do this or you can opt for a social media management platform such as HootSuite to do everything for you, including scheduling your tweets and building followers.

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